Painting no.1

So recently I drew this painting. Although it’s basic but it was achievement for me as I held paint brush in my hand for like after 2 years. Last time I drew before this was probably 2 years back. So actually I got inspiration for this drawing from some youtube channel which I forgot about […]

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Ways To Tackle Exam Stress

Damn surely exams are around the corner. Well not sure about yours but mine is. I am already getting huge amount of fatigues. I literally hate chemistry but no option I have to study for it. So today it is 14th November and my exams will be starting around 25th November and then on and […]

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6 Steps To Stop Procrastination

I want to study *checks time* well it’s 5:55 pm I’ll sit for studying at 6:00 pm. *Comes back 10 minutes later* Oh okay it’s 6:05 pm so maybe I should start studying at 6:30 pm. I need to buy groceries but nevermind I will buy it tomorrow because now it’s raining. For now I’ll […]

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How To Stop Overthinking

“Oh did I wrote right roll no. on my exam sheet? Did I talked to much infront of that xyz person in the bus? What will happen in my future? What if I fail in life?” prolly you are thinking at 2 a.m. at night instead of sleeping or while showering and giving yourself unnecessary […]

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